Indian Economy Manufacturing Leap

Recently , I read a report by PwC, in relation to India’s growth and the desired leap it needs to take in order to grow economy to 10 Trillion Rupees in 2034. The report highlighted various facts and expectations which are need to be sustainably managed and addressed in order to gain that share.

The report highlighted firstly and fore mostly manufacturing contribution to GDP increasing to around 24-25% , which will be tremendous for a country like India , which has abundance man power and capability to replace China to an extent of producing and incorporating great value added machines.

Value added Machines , which are made by true Entrepreneurs , latest know how ( R&D ) , and a eco system which has been designed to prosper the nation and its people.

With our Mindset of saving a major chunk of our Income , we are greatly placed to use to certain extent our own savings to facilitate these giant and enormous infrastructure project which will help future entrepreneurs to thrive and create something extra ordinary out in the future.Country still is an excellent place for investors , as still there are a lot of mis pricing which can be found in the market.

The other major improvement will be in Logistics sector, which will hopefully decrease the travel time and will increase efficiency in the sector.

With certain improvements like these, the Country is well placed to be a great nation once again.

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