Rate Of Interest

Hello Everyone, I trust you are all doing well. It’s been a while since my last blog post, but I’m back with an important topic to discuss today – interest rates and returns. Interest rates are a fundamental concept in finance, representing the cost borrowers pay to access capital. To illustrate this, imagine a scenario […]

Value Creation

Its been a while since a last wrote a blog on things that matters in the long run. I have been a big big admirer of business which create value for themselves and by themselves I refer to managers and its stake holders. I was reading Warren Buffett’s early partnership letter last week one thing […]

Midway ( 2020 ) ASX

Australia’s largest woodfibre processing unit with over 70,000 hectares under management as per 2019, it is one of the most beautifully made company out there, still is it worth to buy its shares at 0.98$ ? The company got listed and after that it has showed some remarkable growth in its revenue growth from from […]

Investing Basics

There is a saying “Do not work for money let it work for you” by Robert Kiyoski. I cannot emphasis on this line more, we have a responsibility to fulfil our values and to earn enough to provide for our basic well being and to save some money for future use.I once read a quote […]

Afterpay ( 2020 )

We saw amazing gains of Afterpay (APT) , rallying through $88.3 from $12.44 in span of just 6 months, what does it really say, the company cannot turn around in such a way so as to get 613.42% jump in their share price, let’s dive into this . The company APT had a humble beginning […]

Business VS Real Estate

Hello everybody, people sometimes do ask me which is better real estate or business ,which one should I go for, real estate investment provides diversification , stable market value , long term growth.We have to ask our audience few questions first, 1.What do you think about businesses in general? 2. What do you think about […]


Sarvashay , is an financial blog website, intended to provide my( Puneet Gurnani) opinions on different companies and on general finance research topics, The information provided on this website is for general purposes only, it should not be consider as a professional advice of any sort, the writer or owner of the blog is no […]

Dusk : ASX , 2nd Sept 2022

The Company sells diffusers, oil and other easy to live and peaceful products for its Australian consumers, the consumers tend to enjoy the process and it is one of the kind here in Australia , which has a 6/10 reach , the main benefit it has it is a classy product and people tend to […]


Last week, I went to a park for a stroll, I met a 13-year-old guy sitting around starring at those beautiful trees and thinking about something. I walked to him said hi, the conversation started we asked each other what we do, what are our goals and blah blah. He told me he likes to […]

Investing Basics ( Starting out in shares )

There are many forms of investment which are available out there, what differentiates between the two are its characteristics and its expected return , majority of us want a return which is at-least satisfactory. Investing in shares, The market ,what we know as gives an opportunity to buy or sell shares of a company through […]