Investing Basics ( Starting out in shares )

There are many forms of investment which are available out there, what differentiates between the two are its characteristics and its expected return , majority of us want a return which is at-least satisfactory.

Investing in shares,

The market ,what we know as gives an opportunity to buy or sell shares of a company through different platforms, the basic criteria to invest is to provide funds to the companies which can be used for its growth.Past times has shown that shares have outperformed every single other asset alternatives from cash to property.

Benefits to own a stock ,

1. Income Opportunity and Capital growth – During a long period , if an individual is manage to find correct investment ideas , it can grow its capital to enormous levels with year over year dividend or income growth.

2. Owning a business – If you own a stock , you own a small part of a business , its like owning a business from as low as 0.06$ .

3. Risk Diversification – Instead of buying all property , fixed interest , it gives necessary diversification which helps to spread risk across different platforms.

Is it worth it , i think it is , it is one of the sources where an individual can earn up-to 600-700% times there initial investment.

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